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Buy a New KB Home and Shut Up                                       See: KB Home Shut Up Agreement for Warranty Repairs                            For KB Homeowners it’s a decision between constitutional rights and KB's Warranty     

History of FTC Consent Order
Federal Lawsuit - Timothy D. Pruitt vs. KB Homes

 “For twenty-four years, KB Home has used subterfuge and lies to avoid public scrutiny and accountability for its wrongdoing. They have entered into agreements with the Federal Trade Commission, violated those agreements, and misrepresented their violations to the Commission.”

KB Homes
Thursday, 03 November 2005

                                    KB Home/Kaufman and Broad
                        KB Home - The most investigated home builder in the nation 
                                   continues pattern of building defective homes
                                It all began in the North Hampton - San Antonio

What KB Home's Executive thinks of customers: As Ken Gancarczyk, an executive of KB homes, retorts in the book: Buyers can't tell the difference between "Craftsman or Mediterranean."

                            ! KB Home Mortgage Scandal 
Check your mortgage ducuments. Are you about to lose your home or have you lost your home due to KB Home mortgage irregularities?
HUD Audit Report - KB Home Mortgage Failed to Ensure Underwriting Certifications for Federal Housing Administration Loans Were Accurate - Special KB Foreclosure Reports

                        KB HOME CLASS-ACTION SETTLEMENT
HOBB Press Release - KB Home Settles Unprecedented Arbitration Class-Action Case 
Express News -
 KB Home to outline owner rights 
Beware of the NEW KB Home 12-Year Warranty with a Binding Arbitration Clause! 
Beware of KB’s new promotional spin on its 12-year Warranty with Mandatory Binding Arbitration clause.  Don't be fooled; avoid KB’s new so-called “customer choice” 12-year Warranty Promotion with a Binding Arbitration Clause, designed to lure buyers into giving up their constitutional right to sue for defectively built homes.  
Related Updates: 
KB Home Pays $2M fine for Binding Arbitration Clause 
Consumer Affairs - Texas Homeowners Can Now Sue KB Home for Construction Defects
           HOBB Press Release - Class Action Settled - KB Home defies FTC Consent Order!

! KB Home Defies FTC Again!   See copy of documents – KB’s warranty provider request for binding arbitration, March 30, 2006: KB Defies FTC

! NCPIRG News Room: Buyer Beware - Martha Picks Bad Business Partner In KB Home

 Martha Stewart was in Cary promoting a new line of homes with KB Home Chairman and CEO, Bruce Karatz. Unfortunately, her partner in this venture, KB Home, has a long and documented history of poor building practices and consumer rip-offs.  Read More              
                                   FTC & HUD Investigations Continue
KB Homeowners File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commision Take 5 minutes of your time and submit a complaint about your builder.   
Important: file two seperate complaints: Please fill out an additional Special HOBB Complaint form and mail it to the FTC, Enforcement Division 

 U.S. Rep. Charlie Gonzalez pushes for answers in KB investigation 
KB Home & HUD's $20M Mirasol Fiasco under investigation. Special Express News Report - Amererican dream now homeowners' nightmare "Sixty-six of the lease-purchase houses now are vacant and the purchase program has left many residents disgruntled and concerned about construction cost-cutting and use of lower-grade materials."

KB Homeowners are entitled to extended warranty without Binding Arbitration Requirement
KB Home to Pay $2 Million Penalty for Alleged Violations of FTC Order
The modified consent decree, which replaces the consent decree entered in 1991, resolves the Commission’s allegations that KB Home violated the prior order. It enjoins KB Home from violating the 1979 consent order and requires KB Home to: 1) modify the dispute resolution provisions of existing warranties to comply with the 1979 order; 2) comply with the warranties as so modified; 3) extend for one year the two-year warranty coverage for major home components for homeowners whose homes were delivered during 2002 through 2004; and 4) reimburse homeowners for fees they had to pay to arbitrate warranty disputes in alleged violation of Part III.B of the order. In addition, the decree will require KB Home to pay a civil penalty of $2 million to settle the Commission’s charges that it violated the order. Read more... 

KB made a Lemonade Empire out of Lemons
Finally some of the true facts are beginning to emerge about KB’s opportunistic benefits, compliments of federal taxpayers.

We as taxpayers need to ask elected official, HUD and VA how KB Home was allowed to continue building and selling 300 additional homes on the bomb-ridden land despite extensive public exposure after it was designated a million dollar, #1 US Army Corps of Engineers priority clean up site.  Please write your elected officials and request answers as to why HUD and the City of Arlington , after being informed allowed construction to continue unimpeded. 

Truly it can be said that KB Home made a Lemonade Empire from Lemons that gave a “BOOM” to the homebuilding industry like creative Corporate America has ever seen.  Corporate Welfare is alive and well in America .

Elizabeth Dole, Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission,
Speaks to The National Association of Home Builders

January 21, 1979 “….In the Kaufman and Broad investigation, FTC staff has them selves alleged, on the basis of professional inspections, a gamut of poor construction practices... the order would prohibit Kaufman & Broad from selling or delivering housing that is not built in accordance with adequate standards of workmanship." KB Home complaints 
              Developer Under Investigation for Misleading HUD on San Antonio-Area Project
Adolfo Pesquera

KB Homeowners Fighting Mad
Homeowners express anguish and outrage, click on picture to see more...
Homeowners get results

KB Home - 1979 FTC Consent Order  See the full FTC Consent Order

FTC and KB HomeRead Elizabeth Dole’s speech to the National Association of Builders

KB Buy Back Proposal See one of the early proposals of KB the buy back a home.

KB Home Pays $595,000 Fine - In 1991 KB Home again violated the 1979 FTC order by once ahain failing to make warranty repairs in a timely manner.

KB Home under investigation
Lettter to Senator Phil Gramm of Texas"..HUD is spearheading a probe based on allegations involving its approval of the subdivision, and of KB Home's 10-year protection warranty." 

 HOBB Opinion: Why KB Profits are Greater

Special Reports:  KB Home Foreclosure Rate More Than Double Other Builders. Records show that KB foreclosures are as high as 30%.

   Special Report - Top Corporate Hate Web Sites
 KBHomeSucks.Com Brian Zaltzberg's old site is down but his work is not lost.     KBHOMESUCKS.COM  - The #1 KB Homeowners Gripe Site.
Brian Zaltsberg featured in Texas Monthly - 
Hurt? Injured? Need a Lawyer? Too Bad!  
 Brian Zaltsberg in his KBHomeSucksMobile 
                   Click Photo: See the site Brian built  

KB Home Stock continues to fall:
KB Home Stock Down $33.86
At the close of business on Tuesday, KB Home’s (KBH) stock was down again, closing at $51.59 (-3.07%) representing a decline of $33.86 since its July 7, 2005 high... A steady decline began in late July 2005, following back-to-back fines by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) of $3.2 million, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of $2 million, for financing irregularities and allegations of violations regarding a 1979 federal court order.

10/21/05 KB Home Stock Down $21.17 - KB Home Stock down – Can Martha Stewart Help

08/07/05 KB Home Stock Down $10.95 – Foreclosures are up -
FTC & HUD’s Flood of Complaints Prompt Investigations

See photos :

KB Homeowners Send a Message - "Buy Back Our Defective Homes" 
KB Home Common Construction Defects
KB Buys Back 100's of Homes & Make Repairs 

                              Send us your KB-defect photos and story 

"Funk rents a 3-year-old, $80,000 house that has cracks between the wall and ceiling 
wide enough for her to stick her hand through."
Soggy-subdivision probe digs into approval data  By Adolfo Pesquera  Express-News

A Battle She Refused To Lose 

                                                     KB Bought the House Back!                                                                      

KB didn't buy the Martinez home back, instead sued the couple
SEE: Snake Bitten

Beware of Binding Arbitration Clauses!
New KB Home buyers & All buyers of homes with FHA & VA insured loans avoid arbitration

HUD - History Making KB Home Fine
Largest settlement in history of Mortgagee Review Board
Washington-- The Department of Housing and Urban Development today announced it has reached a $3.2 million settlement with KB Home Mortgage Company in connection with a series of alleged violations of HUD requirements. The $3.2 million is the largest amount ever collected in the 30-year history of HUD's Mortgagee Review Board (MRB), which takes administrative actions against FHA-approved lenders. Read more... 
Home on the bombing range
Wednesday, 16 June 2004
Inman News - Military history still haunts development site
Unexploded bombs that may be present at the site could have the potential to injure or kill people, according to Army Corps of Engineers reports. In 1983, during the construction of a 35-acre mobile home park at the former Five Points site, work was halted when a practice bomb was discovered there. A cleanup on that site followed, and an estimated 3,000 practice bombs were recovered from that portion of the site… Other bomb types were reportedly dropped at the site including the 100-pound M38A2 practice bomb and practice versions of the M47 chemical bomb…
According to court documents, King-Lewis stated in a sworn affidavit that she was approached in 2002 by Victor Toledo, a KB Home representative who allegedly ""did attempt to coerce, bribe, induce, manipulate and persuade me to sign…false affidavits."" She also reported that Toledo ""was unquestionably clear in his attempts to harass and force my family and me into submission by the offer of financial compensation as an inducement, in exchange for my signature on a false affidavit, which would be used to give witness against Janet Ahmad in his pursuit of future criminal actions against her."

Former KB Employee's Advice
CEO Bruce Karatz sheltered from the ugly truth
Found on posted july 18, 2005 - "If you want results, here is the best way I know of: send a certified and/or registered letter to the CEO Bruce Karatz (make somebody sign for it!) If you can provide pictures, all the better. And be sure to call there every single day to follow up, 310-231-4000. Either ask for Bruce or his personal assistant. He is actually pretty unaware of things (they keep him sheltered from the ugly truth). The "local" people in whatever state you are located do not want Bruce to know there are any problems, kind of like "The Emperor's New Clothes". That is also why the locals try to pretend that the corporate office has no jurisdiction, because they don't want the heat that will come down if they are busted. How do I know this? I used to work there. The usual system of complaints is set up so that everything has to be handled at the local level (sales manager & division president have the final say). But watch what happens when the L.A. corporate office starts breathing down their necks - they usually cave in & give you what is reasonable. I have seen this happen a few times. Initially, Bruce's assistant will try to brush you off, or pretend like they can't do anything. But trust me on this - ALL paychecks for ALL employees come directly from the L.A. office, and if you become a pest, they will at least look into the problem you are having. I have seen this work for returning deposit checks.

Ex-Secretary of  HUD, KB and Contaminated Land?

San Antonio Lightning - Canal De Amor 
Satire - Henry Cisneros Proudly Presents - Canal De Amor 
State-of-the-art building methods allow us to erect a home in as little as two days. Foundations are optional, and require an extra three hours... So step into the future with a Cisneros custom built home. To see one of our model homes, drive south seven short miles on I-33. Turn left at EPA junction. Follow the buzzards to our beautiful new sub-division. Remember, if you pass the "danger signs" you've gone too far.   Affordable Housing At What Price?   What a Dump!

Union Distributes KB Flyers Don't Let Your Dream Turn into a Nighmare!
More than 100 file lawsuits...

                           CURRENT NEWS AND EVENTS
                                   KB HOMEOWNER SUFFERS STROKE! 
  Maurice and Brenda Evans located in the Chandler Creek subdivision in Round Rock Texas, f
ed  up and tired of KB Home decided they were not going to beg anymore.  Maurice prepared a sign that read “KB Buy My House Back,” and went up to the corner to deliver his message to KB to and anyone who passed by.  For weeks Maurice held up his sign on the corner and would tell anyone who asked why – “Maybe now KB will hear me.”  I will not get off this corner until they buy my house back.”   KB Home threatened to sue Maurice within 48 hours if he didn’t get off the corner.  Maurice suffering a stroke at 4 a.m. this morning.  Brenda Evans has picked up his picket sign along with other unhappy homeowners to protest KB Home. Audio notice that KB is going to sue.

KB Home & Mirasol Homes 
Attention Taxpayers!  New Public Housing built by KB
For those of you who are keeping up with your tax dollars at work. "San Antonio Housing Authority commissioners narrowed the scope of their investigation into problems at Mirasol Homes to  three questions and told their attorney to hire experts to get answers as soon as possible. Are the homes structurally sound? Did SAHA get what was specified and paid for? Did SAHA administrators perform reasonable and acceptable oversight?"

Sep 6 2002 Editorial: Housing debacle warrants scrutiny San Antonio Express-News The contractor for the project is Magi Realty. Its subcontractor is KB Homes, a major homebuilder that has said it will take care of the problems. .... But they were supposed to replace aging, dilapidated public housing. Given the state of things less than a year after their construction, it won't take long for the new homes to achieve that aging and dilapidated look.

April 24, 2003 - KB Homes - Shoddy Building in the Housing Boom?
BusinessWeek magazine: The most-read source of global business news
The industry's critics now warn that builders face a rising tide of consumer dissatisfaction. In their rush to put up new homes, some skimped on materials and labor costs, industry watchdog groups charge. "You can break into some of these new homes with a razor blade," says Robert Batcheller, a former builder who says he quit the industry last year, disgusted by some of practices he saw.
"In the past 10 years, cars have gotten safer and more reliable, and homes have gone in the opposite direction," Batcheller says. "Expect a big backlash against builders."

                      Kaufman & Broad/KB Home Archives
Aug 30 2002 And even MORE on KB Homes! SAHA slates hearing on Mirasol Homes  By Ron Wilson  San Antonio Express-News Problems at the $50 million single-family-homes development were detailed Aug. 12 in a San Antonio Express-News story [Fault found with housing project] that told of houses without back doors or windows, falling cabinets, broken doors and listing porch beams and a contaminated landfill that apparently escaped the notice of planners.

Aug 30 2002 KB Homes in the news. Again. Arlington: Builder sues over explosive  Woman says she found old bomb near home; suit says it was planted  By JASON TRAHAN / The Dallas Morning News. "Ms. Lewis, a plaintiff in one of the homeowners' lawsuits, said that before KB Home filed suit against her, company officials tried to persuade her to sign an affidavit swearing that she helped plant the bomb on Jan. 26 and that she has never found any of the practice bombs on her property or anywhere else in the subdivision. She said company officials told her that if she signed the affidavit, they would buy her $150,000 house back at about a $30,000 profit."

June 22, 2001 $10 million suit claims damage to homes from mold in Patterson   By MICHAEL MELLO  BEE STAFF WRITER PATTERSON -- Eighty-six residents are suing KBHomes, alleging that shoddy construction left homes susceptible to water seepage and mold contamination......The lawsuit is being drafted one year after Heartland Ranch homeowners complained to the City Council that repairs already had dragged on for two years or more. NOTE: Yet another example for the need of a lemon law.

June 7, 2001 KBHomes Homeowners Take Complaints to Former HUD Secretary, Henry Cisneros. "According to Seaman, the company is not currently under investigation in relation to to this group of homeowner's concerns. " See Related Story:

June 1, 2001  Soggy-subdivision probe digs into approval data   By Adolfo Pesquera  Express-News Business Writer   KB Home's troubled Northampton development has become the target of a federal investigation amid allegations that the developer-homebuilder may have falsified information to obtain U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development approval.

June 1, 2001  Soggy-subdivision probe digs into approval data   By Adolfo Pesquera 
Express-News Business Writer   KB Home's troubled Northampton development has become the target of a federal investigation amid allegations that the developer-homebuilder may have falsified information to obtain U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development approval.

See Also:
June 1, 2001 Lettter to Senator Phil Gramm of Texas from the Veteran's Administration concerning the North Hampton Subdivision.

June1 2001 Letter from the TNRCC PDF Format
 concerning the North Hampton Subdivision to Jaent Ahmad, HomeOwners for Better Building. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

May 26, 2001 KBHomes in the news again. Eyewitness News Wants to Know. You can see the video clip concerning a KB Honeowner in San Antonio, TX. The owner asked to invoke a Lemon  Law and requested his home to be bought back. KB's statement said the situation has been resolved. Was the home bought back or repaired? We will find out. [Requires Real Media.]

May 4, 2001 Added to the KBHomes page: Lago Vista Subdivision Disclosure Statement to potential new homeowners. "You hereby agree to release Kaufman and Broad from any claims, action, causes of action, personal injury, death or property losses related to the quality of drinking water in Lago Vista."

May 1, 2001 San Antonio Lightning: Affordable Housing At What Price? By Janet Ahmad President HomeOwners for Better Building. "You agree and acknowledge that Kaufman and Broad is not responsible or liable for any environmental conditions at Lago Vista that are the result of the environmental contamination at Kelly AFB, including but not limited to the polluted groundwater. " ---Lago Vista Disclaimer.

May 1, 2001 San Antonio Lightning: (Satire) Henry Cisneros Proudly Presents
Canal De Amor. [Henry Cisneros of KBHomes] Presenting the newest in home affordable, probably non-toxic, housing community for the San Antonio market!

April 22, 2001 Eroding trust. New home buyers vent frustrations at builder [KBHOMES] By Ian McCannThe Dallas Morning News. "One of the biggest problems, homeowners said, is poor customer service."

WFAA CH 8 News Dallas: KBHomes Homeowners take their complaints to the Frisco City council. The Proposed Texas Home Lemon Law is mentioned. You can view the news on April 16 and April 17at:

April 17, 2001 K&B in the news again in Dallas:  Homeowners Speak Out Against Builder  FRISCO ó Dozens of angry homeowners in Frisco are calling for the city to take action against their builder, KB Home. ... Meanwhile, a homebuyerís lemon law is being considered by state lawmakers in Austin. 

April 17, 2001 Quote of the day: "Any time we get a complaint or work order from a home we address it in a timely fashion," said David Christian, with K-B Home." Homeowners Accuse Builder of Shoddy Work Reporter: Brett Shipp

April 07, 2001 Kaufman and Broad (KBhomes) homeowners shut down an open house in San Antonio using the only tool available to them. Picketing. This is called the Texas 2 by 4.

Feb 12, 2001 Added to the Kaufman Page:  Prospective Homebuyers, Protesters Mix At Grand Opening   Kaufman & Broad Subdivision Scene Of Homeowner Protest (KSAT-TV San Antonio, TX "Along with prospective buyers for the newly built houses in the city's South Side, protesters arrived to air dissatisfactions with their own Kaufman & Broad homes located elsewhere in the city. Homeowners from the Northhampton subdivision in the city's Northeast Side have filed complaints with the builder, alleging shoddy workmanship. "

Feb 10, 2001 Added a link to the Link Pageto the Federal Trade Commision complaint form. Take 5 minutes of your time and submit a complaint about your builder. This will help in the long run.

Jan 18, 2001: Posted to the the Kaufman and Broad (KB Homes) page: "Los Angeles-based Kaufman and Broad announced Wednesday it is changing its name to KB Homes. We think itís great that our company has established such trust and familiarity with our customers that they recognize us by this shorter, friendlier name," company Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bruce Karatz said recently.  "The name KB Home is a warm way to reflect what we offer." Warmly reflect  on the Kaufman Page.

Jan 12, 2001:  Posted to the Mold and Kaufman & Broad Page: Mold Forces Families Out Of Homes. Families Demand Answers From Home Builders The Flanigans were among a group of about a dozen residents of a Kaufman & Broad housing tract in Dixon who picketed a company sales office Sunday on Christine Drive in Vacaville. They all expressed deep concerns about moisture penetration on the foundations of their Dixon homes that has led, they say, to family illnesses and damage to their $200,000-plus structures.

Dec 22, 2000 Posted AnotherNorth Hampton Subdivision draft buyout!. See Kaufman and Broad looks at buying out homeowners for background information. "K & B will purchase your home for your original purchase price and the value of the improvements listed below....."

Oct 29, 2000 North Hampton Subdivision pickets. See Kaufman and Broad looks at buying out homeowners for background information. 

Oct 26, 2000 American Homebuyers Protection Act. Sponsor: Rep Gonzalez, Charles A. Prohibits a person engaged in the construction of new homes from: (1) requiring a home purchaser to enter into a mandatory arbitration agreement as a condition precedent to entering into a purchase contract; and (2) offering a home purchaser a contract which includes a mandatory arbitration agreement unless such agreement is a separate agreement. 

Oct 26, 2000 Added to Builders in the NewsAC placement fuels hot fight  [San Antonio, TX] By David Anthony Richelieu Express-News Staff Writer. The City Council is expected to resolve a dispute today over whether the stacking of air conditioning units over electric hot water heaters should be allowed to continue in new homes and apartments.

"....the city has a moral obligation to change a potentially dangerous practice, adding that it was only a matter of time before a water heater short circuit would trigger a larger fire and put people's lives at risk." Press Release HomeOwners for Better Building.

Oct 18, 2000 Added to Builders in the News Federal Trade Commission, June 1991: KAUFMAN AND BROAD HOME CORPORATION AGREES TO SETTLE FTC CHARGES BY PAYING A $595,000 CIVIL PENALTY "The Federal Trade Commission announced today that Kaufman and Broad Home Corporation (K&BHC) of Los Angeles, a homebuilder, has agreed to settle charges that it violated a 1979 FTC order by failing to make warranty repairs in a timely manner."

Nov 30, 2000: Added to Builders in the News  Home Builder [Kaufman and Broad] Loses Age Discrimination  Suit  Bob Egelko, Chronicle Staff Writer. Home-building giant Kaufman and Broad has been ordered to pay $2.4 million in damages and legal fees to two veteran real estate agents who were ruled to be victims of age discrimination. (Lost via  arbitration clause in employment contracts)
Oct 18, 2000Added to Builders in the News Federal Trade Commission, June 1991: KAUFMAN AND BROAD HOME CORPORATION AGREES TO SETTLE FTC CHARGES BY PAYING A $595,000 CIVIL PENALTY "The Federal Trade Commission announced today that Kaufman and Broad Home Corporation (K&BHC) of Los Angeles, a homebuilder, has agreed to settle charges that it violated a 1979 FTC order by failing to make warranty repairs in a timely manner."

Sept 2, 2000Added to Builders in the News Kaufman and Broad looks at buying out homeowners.  By Daryl Bell Express-News Staff Writer "Kaufman and Broad, a primary builder in the Northampton Homes subdivision,  has been busy trying to negotiate buyouts with several homeowners."

Aug 26, 2000Added to Builders in the News Salas says builder failed to ensure stable subsoil By Daryl Bell Express-News Staff Writer In a letter sent to residents of Northampton Homes, San Antonio City  Councilman Mario Salas questions why Kaufman and Broad, builders of the controversial subdivision, developed an area with unstable soil.

Aug 5, 2000 Added to Builders in the News Cisneros coming back to S.A. By Elizabeth Allen and Jeanne Russell Express-News Staff Writers Henry Cisneros is returning to San Antonio to build homes, not rebuild a political career.... Cisneros' firm, American CityVista, will enter a growing market for urban reinvestment. He plans to use some of the money he earned while president of the Univision television network to help launch a joint venture with Kaufman and Broad Home Corp. to build homes in Southwestern cities. 

Aug 1, 2000 Added to Builders in the News Northeast: Live Oak Council approves subdivision plan By Chuck McCollough Express-News Staff Writer LIVE OAK ó In a vote that left a number of residents shaking their heads in disagreement, the City Council on July 25 approved a compromise measure for a 650-unit housing complex in the Woodcrest subdivision here.

On a 3-1 vote with Councilman Tom Kusek dissenting, the council approved a middle-ground solution that will allow Kaufman & Broad homebuilders to finish developing the Woodcrest subdivision off of Toepperwein Road.

Aug 1, 2000 Added to Builders in the News Builder to help in Northampton By Daryl Bell Express-News Staff Writer The builder of a subdivision that residents say is plagued with flawed homes assured 150 homeowners Tuesday that the problems will be corrected. The promise from Kaufman and Broad to residents of the Northampton Homes subdivision came during a two-hour meeting that drew protests from many homeowners after the meeting site was switched at the last minute.

July 26, 2000 Added to Builders in the News Bexar Met, developer's firm disput Northampton seepage.By Daryl Bell Express-News Staff Writer An official with Integrated Testing and Engineering Company disputed a Bexar Metropolitan Water District analysis of water seeping from the ground in Northampton Homes. Steve Frost, vice president project geologist for InTEC, the San  Antonio firm commissioned by developer Kaufman & Broad, said  water readings taken in several locations in the subdivision reveal traces of chlorine.

July 24, 2000 Added to Builders in the News Source of seepage unclear By Daryl Bell Express-News Staff Writer On another front, Janet Ahmad of Home Owners for Better Building, said Northampton homeowners will hold a strategy meeting Thursday at 7 p.m. at Maranatha Baptist Church, 5814 Rittiman Plaza. And in a related development, Aaron Seaman, director of local government affairs for Kaufman & Broad, said that a site for meeting  with Northampton Homes residents has been secured.  The meeting will be held Aug. 1 at 7 p.m. in the cafeteria on the gray campus of Judson High School, 9695 Schaeffer Road in Converse.

July 15, 2000 Added to Builders in the News Northampton report says no further study needed By Daryl Bell Express-News Staff Writer A revised report on the Northampton Homes subdivision completed by the city of San Antonio Public Works Department Environmental Services Division does not recommend a Phase II study be done on he controversial property.

July 15, 2000 Added to Builders in the News Reported dumps anger buyers. Wilbur Riley thought he was building a dream house when he  decided to move into the Northampton Homes subdivision two years ago.Now, his dream has become a nightmare .Riley, who said he began experiencing problems with his home two   weeks after he moved in, recently discovered his dwelling is located near what is said to be three former illegal dumping sites.

Mar 11, 2000 Added to Builders in the News: Builder loses $11.7 million as result of trading scandal  LAS VEGAS SUN Kaufman and Broad Home Corp., the largest homebuilder in  Nevada, said today its earnings for the quarter ending today will be  reduced an estimated $11.7 million, or 24 cents per share, because of what it called employee misconduct.

Mar 11, 2000 Added to Builders in the News: Builders sued by homewners LAS VEGAS SUN Northgate Homeowners Association Inc. sued Kaufman and Broad of Nevada and Las Vegas Paving Corp., alleging defects in its Northgate single-family homes at 4828 Mentor Drive off U.S. 95 at Craig in Las Vegas.

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